Enterprise-class apps

We develop software with an iPhone/iPad - based interface.

Simple apps, like these


As well as complex, scalable solutions on IBM MobileFirst for iOS platform:


A New Paradigm

We are very close to a post-PC era — consumer sector desktop PCs give way to mobile computers. Corporate market though is in full swing: stationary systems can’t be written off entirely just yet, but it’s already much easier and convenient to perform most of the work using mobile solutions

Think big

Whatever you do – find thousands of new ways and means to make the work of your employees that much easier, unbinding them from desktops

A leap forward for your business

Our applications allow businesses to rethink each employee’s traditional methods of work. You’ll be able to control all the nuances of your work, with client communication built in a completely new way.

Utilize the most common iOS features in your everyday business:

  • Push notifications

    The app provides you event alerts or prior notices of the expiry of a document or contract, etc.

  • AirPrint

    Print your memos, invoices or any other documents created in the app directly from your iPhone – over the air.

  • Touch ID

    Ensure higher level of critical data security by using instant identification through fingerprints on top of common password protection.

Long way to go

The transition from stationary to mobile solutions will be a long one for business. We come to make this journey easy and interesting for you.

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